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Colmar brims with must-see attractions, including the idyllic 'Little Venice' district, the historical 'Old Town' with its cobblestone streets and charming squares, and the impressive 'Saint Martin's Church'. Don't miss the 'Pfister House' and 'Koïfhus' for a touch of Colmar's rich architecture and heritage.
Engaging Colmar activities for kids include the playful 'Colmar Toy Museum', the interactive 'NaturOparC' focusing on stork and otter conservation, and the entertaining 'Little Train of Colmar', which is a great way to see the city without tiring little legs.
The best outdoor activities in Colmar encompass leisurely boat tours through 'Little Venice', exploring the verdant 'Parc du Champ de Mars', and taking scenic walks through the vineyards that surround this picturesque town.
Indoor enthusiasts will enjoy the rich collections at the 'Unterlinden Museum', marvel at the work of a famous sculptor at the 'Bartholdi Museum', and shop for regional delicacies at the covered market, 'Marché Couvert'.
Discover Colmar's best offerings through guided tours like the historic walking tours in the Old Town, immersive winery and vineyard excursions, and the culturally rich tours in Colmar's many museums.
Colmar's museum scene is vibrant, with the 'Unterlinden Museum' and 'Bartholdi Museum' at the forefront, along with the charming 'Toy Museum' that delights visitors of all ages with an array of historic playthings.
Even on rainy days, Colmar has much to offer. Enjoy the sheltered activities at the 'Unterlinden Museum', explore the 'Bartholdi Museum', or partake in a wine tasting session in one of Colmar's traditional taverns.
For quick explorations, enjoy the 'Little Train of Colmar' city tour, the self-guided 'Old Town' audio tour, or a short and sweet canal cruise through 'Little Venice', each offering memorable experiences in 60 minutes or less.