Аудиоэкскурсии в Которе

Котор: вопросы и ответы

The must-see attractions in Kotor include the well-preserved medieval Old Town, St. Tryphon's Cathedral with its stunning architecture, and the impressive fortifications that rise above the city leading to St. John's Fortress. These landmarks epitomize the rich history and culture of Kotor, offering visitors a memorable experience.
For families traveling with children, the best things to do in Kotor include climbing up to the majestic fortress for captivating views, visiting the Maritime Museum for a dose of nautical history, and taking a leisurely stroll along the scenic Kotor Bay, where kids can feed the swans and enjoy the open air.
Kotor offers a plethora of outdoor activities, such as hiking the Ladder of Kotor for those looking for adventure and stunning views. Taking a relaxing boat tour around the Bay of Kotor is also highly recommended, as is simply walking the ancient city walls to soak in the panoramic scenery.
Indoor activities in Kotor include exploring the intriguing historical collections of the Maritime Museum, admiring the frescoes inside the Orthodox and Catholic churches scattered across the city, and enjoying authentic Montenegrin cuisine in the cozy ambiance of Kotor's local restaurants.
The best tours in Kotor encompass guided walking tours through the atmospheric Old Town, boat tours to the Perast islands, and audio-guided excursions of the city's landmarks allowing tourists to delve into the history at their own pace.
The most popular museums in Kotor are the Maritime Museum, which showcases Kotor's seafaring heritage, and the Cats Museum, a favorite for its delightful theme and unique exhibits related to Kotor's furry residents.
The best tours in Kotor for rainy days include the indoor audio-guided tours of historical buildings and museums, where visitors can learn about the city's past while staying dry and comfortable.
For quick tours in Kotor, choose a concise walking tour that reveals the Old Town's history and charm, or select a short, guided experience around Kotor's most iconic landmarks, both offering a meaningful snapshot of the city in under an hour.