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The most popular museums include the Alanya Archaeological Museum, home to artifacts spanning millennia, and the Alanya Atatürk House Museum, which provides an intimate look at the life of Turkey's founding father.
The must-see attractions include the medieval Alanya Castle, the stunning Damlatas Cave, and the iconic Red Tower. Exploring these historic sites offers an insightful glimpse into Alanya's rich past and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coast.
Alanya offers a wealth of activities for kids, including splashing around at Water Planet Aquapark, enjoying the sandy beaches like Kleopatra Beach, and discovering prehistoric creatures at Alanya Dinopark.
Outdoor enthusiasts can bask in activities like parasailing off Cleopatra Beach, hiking to the Syedra Ancient City ruins, or having a leisurely day out at Alanya Gardens enjoying the lush surroundings.
For indoor fun, visitors can tour the Alanya Archaeological Museum, enjoy the time-honored tradition of a Turkish bath, or browse local crafts at the many shopping bazaars.
Some of the best tours in Alanya include a comprehensive city tour that takes you through historical sites, a boat tour along the stunning coastline, and Jeep safari tours that allow you to experience the surrounding natural beauty.
The best tours for rainy days include exploring the variety of historical exhibits at the local museums, enjoying a cultural and culinary experience with an indoor cooking class, or experiencing the soothing environment of a traditional Turkish hammam.
Short tours in Alanya include a visit to the Alanya Atatürk House Museum, a stroll through the historic bazaar for some authentic Turkish shopping, or a quick panoramic view of the city from the Alanya View Terrace.

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июль 2023
Аланья: Аудиопрогулка по самым знаковым местам города
Соотношение цена-качество очень хорошее.Пока только дома прослушала- было интересно.Думаю, реальная экскурсия с этим гидом будет замечательная.Единственное, не знаю, как на месте разберемся с навигацией,все же "карта-не территория"))